Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weigh In #2



Weight Loss in Past Week:

Total Weight Loss:

Exercise Last Week:
5 gym visits
cardio and weight lifting
1 hour per visit

Goal for next week:


Patrick Wohlmut said...

I love how you are setting smaller, realistic goals for yourself. Most people I know of, or who I have read or heard speak, who have gone through the diet "swing" say one of their biggest blocks to success is concentrating on the big weight loss figure instead of taking it in smaller increments. Their impulse, often, is to say to themselves, "I'm a far ways off from being 75 pounds lighter," instead of, "I reached my goal of losing 2 pounds this week."

"I'm a far ways off," vs. "I reached my goal." These people have also said that once they embraced the positive mile-markers instead of the miles to go before they sleep, that they were able to train themselves into a lifestyle where they kept the weight off; this, instead of reaching an ultimate goal, and then stopping all the great work they did before, thus putting the weight back on.

Just wanted to let you know I'm already proud of you. It seems like you're not just pursuing this determinedly, but also smartly. Keep it up, baby.

MattyZ said...

Thanks, Patrick - very kind words, indeed.


Mead said...

"If I told you you had a good body, would you hold it against me?"

That's either Sophie Tucker or Mae West, can't remember which. Anyway, Matt: good on you!

Jeremy said...

5 times in one week? Damn, you just inspired my me. I'm 0-4 this week.