Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weigh In #5



Weight Loss in Past Week:

Total Weight Loss:

Exercise Last Week:
5 gym visits
(1 on Thanksgiving Day!)
cardio and weight lifting
60 to 90 min per visit

Goal for next week:


MattyZ said...

A big sigh of relief this morning - Thanksgiving was full of great food - and I chose to enjoy the feast and not "diet" over the losing .5 pounds is better than gaining all of it back. At this rate of 4.5 pounds every 4 weeks, I would lose 58.5 pounds in a year - which is under my goal, but still a good rate. We shall see...

Jeremy said...

You went to the gym on Thanksgiving? That's sick-.

MattyZ said...

We can't all be naturally thin and athletic like you, Jeremy! ;)

J said...

And to clarify, I was using 'sick' to mean 'ridiculously awesome'. Some jive talk I picked up.
But even I have to work at it now. What's the world come to?