Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weigh In #11



Weight Gain in Past Week:

Total Weight Loss:

Exercise Last Week:
5 gym visits
cardio and weight lifting
60 to 90 min per visit
1 long walk

Goal for next week:


MattyZ said...

Frustrated as I am with the numbers - particularly as I have been busting my ass at the gym and doing a good job with eating - even through holidays and birthdays...I am happy to say that I was able to comfortably fit into a smaller pant this past week. I have not been able to fit into these pants in 10 months. least there's that. :)

The bottom line is - this "numbers game" would have defeated me in the past. I would have said, "Fuck it, I'll just gorge." But something has shifted for me this time. And I make the promise that I will not stop on this road to better health and stability. Period. And I am VERY stubborn.

I may, however, take a machine gun to the scale. :)

Mead said...

Mr Z? What did I say? It's not all about what the scale says. Sure, it's ratifying to have numerical assurance that you're dropping weight, but remember that all your gym work is adding muscle. That turns up as weight on the scale, but more muscle = higher metabolism = less fat.

Better index of success: how do you feel? And I for one can attest that you're LOOKING good...which of course you wouldn't notice....listen to Mr. R. when he talks to you! You only rate getting a mechanical duck on a bicycle when you're really doing something right.

Patrick Wohlmut said...

I prefer automatic pistols. There's something about a single shot repeated that's so much more satifying than the droning "duh-duh-duh-duh-duh" or, say, an M-16. Plus, the recoil isn't nearly so damaging to your body, and let's face it: if you were injured, you wouldn't go to the gym.

Wait. I'm a pacifist. Why am I discussing the finer points of firearms discharge?