Thursday, June 10, 2010


In a nutshell, I love the show Glee, because it dares to offer an optimistic release in the midst of a cynical entertainment landscape. Cynicism is celebrated in our culture. And I can hardly blame anyone for that. How could one not be cynical these days? But truth is, cynicism is lazy. And it's easy. It takes no courage. It takes no thought. may take an intelligence laced acerbic tongue if you wanna get noticed. Nothing gets a bigger laugh than the cynical zinger in comedy these days. But really, it's safe. Don't hope. Live in fear of all intentions. Hide.


Glee has been a hit, because people crave a touch of rainbow filled, cotton cloud abandon. But even I could grow weary of that if it weren't for the other thing Glee is doing. It is working very hard to progress social causes and promote equality. Is it at times prescriptive? Yes. Forced? A bit. But necessary? ABSOLUTELY. As a teaching artist, I have seen the positive impact this show is having in's huge, people. And it's exciting.

Over at they succinctly display my glee on this subject, pitting a moment on Glee against the sad truth in Congress as discussed by Rachel Maddow.

Check it out! HERE

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