Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weigh in #8



Weight Gain in Past Week:

Total Weight Loss:

Exercise Last Week:
4 gym visits
cardio and weight lifting
60 to 90 min per visit
2 Snow walks
60 min each

Goal for next week:


MattyZ said...

Oh, the frustration!

Highly motivated by the prior weigh in's 3.5lb loss, I took to the gym even harder - raising tension levels ad weights on various machines and increasing my cardio burn from an average 420 calories per session to 480 - and I only had one day of improper eating (a date with my partner). I was determined to break the 140 mark and this morning prayed for a 139 to show up on the scale, only to see a 2 pound gain.

But such is the nature of the human body - and especially at my age. I am determined not to adopt some crazy "diet". Oh, they work. They last time I did "low carb", I lost 15 pounds in 10 days. But I was sick, tired, plagued with headaches, and the second I ate carbs again, I regained it back in a week.

So...I will continue my "eat sensibly and not too much" along with consistent exercise - and pray I can continue to lose - slowly, VERY slowly - but surely.

Still - this weigh in makes me REALLY grumptastic. I sort of want to attack the scale with an axe.

Mead said...

It's also possible that some or all of the gain is in muscle -- remember, it's not all about what the scale says.